Saturday, October 15, 2022

Yin Yang


Yin Yang, In Ro, Dark Light, Black White, Negative Positive, Vanilla Ice Cream A @ W Root Beer.  Polar opposites are natures balances.  For every pull there is a push, for every tenseness there is a relax.  We are balanced at the molecular level.  Our atoms are built from polar opposites.  The electrons and protons are always counter reflecting each other, always in balance.  

"Back is Front, Up is Down, and Sideways is straight ahead.  Tie two birds together though they have four wings they still can not fly."  These are the words of Cord the seeker looking for his polar opposite, which turned out to be his own reflection.  We stare back at ourselves from both sides of the mirror.  

Look into the night and behind the black are the twinkles of fire flies in galactic reprise.   Beyond a river of dreams float exploding works keeping the bad at bay.  Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder where you are, up above the white light sky, like fiery suns burning brightly by. 

Frontwards and Backwards, mirrors reflection, this is our Yin Yang, In Ro, The Desert and the Cactus. All things are in pairs as it is forever amongst the stares of  Being Human.  

Peace and Balance,