Friday, October 28, 2022

A Song of The Mother (Samhain)

During this time of year the Irish/Gaelic side of my nature begins singing the song of the Earth. Danu as the Irish sing is the Mother of our creation, our mother the Earth.  Danu is the mother of all gods.  She is the spring from which all others pour.  Danu Talamh, literally the Mother of Earth, is she which the original idea of God came from.  

Creation is a Feminine power.  Only females can bear children.  Only a Mother can bring forth life.  Danu is the representation of the spiritual side of our existence.  The Aether is feminine the masculine is physical.  The physical parts of us are the male parts of us, the spiritual parts are the feminine parts.  We are a blend of the Yin Yang of all things.  Physical and Non-physical alike.  

In this respect the Taoist, Native American, and the Celt are all practicing aspects of the same belief structure.  We are all of Mother Earth.  Ina Mahka, the Tao, and Danu.  We are all related.

My Irish side sings, my Native American side is Dancing, and my Chinese practice is balancing.  Mother Earth is walking and the Ancestors are walking with her for a brief moment to visit.  The Song of Life, Death, and Life.  We are One.  

Mitakuye oyatsin Hetchetu yelo, HO.  So Mote It Be.  Amen.  ShiShi Na. 

Peace and Balance,