Monday, October 17, 2022

The Sun Rises in the East.

 In the morning I looked East and saw the Sun rise.  It came slowly glowing pink, orange, and bright yellow.  I could hear the sizzling of the air moving, yes I can hear those things don't judge, and the energies began changing.  Grandfather Yappa was moving.  

The due formed on the leaves of my trees and laid in the grass  settling on the windshield of the CRV.  It was not cold enough this morning to freeze, just cool and crisp.  Inna Makha's voice was on the breeze singing her children awake as the sun rose.  

I was doing my Morning Dancing one Lohan at a time feeling the energy, letting it fill me up, letting it guide each move my body made.  I let go a little bit and let Grandfather Yappa take control of me in short spurts as I moved.  The flow took me away to places and times long forgotten to history.  I became a small part of time out of time.  I became the Dance. 

The sun rose higher and I cleaned myself up and focused my sight on my wife and getting ready for work this morning.  When you wake in the morning and turn your eyes skyward and focus just a little energy into a practice of health and balance the rest of your day takes on a new look and feel.  Nothing can penetrate your calm, nothing can harm you and you can share the joy of being alive to all you come in contact with.  This is my legacy.

Peace and Balance,