Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Force

 George Lucas accidently started a movement when he created, "Star Wars".  From his initial conception to now his vision has evolved and transformed from a set of Galactic Samurai that he calls Jedi, to a group of Space Shaolin from Wu Dang complete with supernatural powers and abilities.  George was a fairly learned man who did his research and used his imagination to the fullest.  

Because of Star Wars, and the Jedi Knights two whole generations of Martial Warriors that study anything from Arm Wrestling to Taiji Quan. and all the inferences in-between, have been in the search for the, "Force."  

For generations practitioners of various forms of Kung Fu, Wushu, Karate-do, Judo, Jiujitsu, Ninpo, Chuan Fa, Kempo, and Skip To My Lou, have been seeking out this elusive energy called Qi, pronounced Chi.  

Now to be honest, the two are actually different words that get misspoken and misinterpreted over, and over again to describe a force that has no real description.   What is it then?  Why are so many people looking for it.  Are we all deluded?  Many questions, so few answers.  

I am a practitioner of many internal styles of Martial, and Healing arts.  I have seen stuff.  What I have witnessed often goes beyond explanation.  I'm a Reiki Master that practices his own form of Reiki.  I dabble in Huna, just because the word sounds cool.  I practice Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, and Praying Mantis Gong Fu, because I want to move mountains, and I am a grappler, just because I like the art of the knot.  Each one of these arts has a connection through stories, myth, and practice with the majickal force called Qi.  I still have no idea what it is.

But, I have seen things.  One of my all time hero's, Grandmaster Wally Jay, when he was with us, had the ability to move into a person's personal space, touch a joint with very little force and have complete control over the physical presence of that person.  When asked what he was doing he simply said he had an understanding of the physics involved and that he was using was what he called, "The Small Circle."  Small circles are ever changing circles and arcs that evolve out of the proximity to a joint, clockwise and counter clockwise to the outer proximity of the attackers body.  So, his physics was impeccable. 

Another of my Super Hero's is Grandmaster Poi Chan, who has developed a technique that includes a quick stepping into the inner part of an attacker's guard striking him just below the Dan Tien, the area below the navel, but above the groin, and launch that attacker up and away from him more that a few feet.  This strike is very painful and was explained to me if done hard with the right amount of, "Force" deadly.  So, Dim Mak is real?  That's the death touch.

I'm in search of this elusive Force.  I have a great want to be a Jedi Knight myself.  I remember when the first movie was released.  I was in the military and saw it in the Base theater.  I've been enthralled ever since.  See what George has done to us?  Delusion, reality, fantasy, we'll only know after the experiment is complete.

Peace and Balance,



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