Sunday, October 2, 2022

An Immortal Wanderer

 You might meet him on a road, you might meet him in the market, you might see him walking in the distance, or telling stories in the square.  Ask him who he is and he'll simply say a humble wanderer.  Ask him who he isn't and he'll reply again, "A humble Wanderer."  How long has he wandered?  As long as God has determined it.  

His name is Cartaphilus and is guilty of tormenting Jesus at the time of his crucifixion.  Cartaphilius is possibly also the name of the Roman soldier who struck Jesus during his interrogation.  As the story goes, God curses Cartaphilius to walk the Earth until the Second Coming. 

So, you might meet him on the road and introduce yourself and ask his name receiving an enigmatic answer.  To know who the wanderer is, is to be like the wanderer gaining immortality in a name.  

"What did you do to wander for so long?"  

"I struck my beloved and tormented the lord upon his death.  The Father has cursed me a lengthy life until I am forgiven upon his return."  

"Why did you strike?"

"That's the rub. So I wander until I know myself."

Finely you might find out his name, but would it mean anything to you?  He might say, "I am Cartaphilius." or he may say, "I am Caiaphas." Or he might simply reply, "I am but a Wandering Jew. Waiting for the return." 

Peace and Balance,


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