Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Brain


The Human Brain has a capacity for thinking that goes way beyond any computer that has so far been developed.  It has the ability to program and recall any amount of information that the thinker decides to input into his/her personal devise.  That devise being the brain.  

I will attempt to simplify the workings of our development and thought process in terms that I can understand.  If I go outside of these boundaries to far I am forever lost to thought and the retrieval get muddled in speculation.  A physical beings form of a processing loop.  

The lower brain, the top of the spinal column commonly called the Brain Stem is responsible for our Survival instincts and reactions.  This is the part of the Brain that says, "I'm Hungry Feed Me, I'm afraid strike out, run away, scream at the top of the voice, I need Sleep, I need Shelter."  Once the basic needs are met, we travel to the Amygdala.  The Amygdala is responsible for our Emotional/Social make up.  When our need aren't met for the Brain Stem the Amygdala reacts and creates an emotion that matches that need.  Say I'm really hungry and there is no food available.  Over a prolonged period I might become Hangry.  That is hungry as hell and angry that I haven't eaten.  That was the result of the action of the Amygdala.  The Amygdala or Middle Brain just want's to be loved and feel needed.  Give it some warm fuzzy time and it's tremendously happy.  The next part of the Brain is the Frontal Cortex.  This is where all our Executive functions are house.  This is the rational mind, the boss.  The Frontal Cortex is the part of the Brain that rationalizes all stimuli that it comes in contact with.  This is the thinking machine,  the little man that tells us what, when, and how to do the things we need to do in an ordered rational manner.  However, if anything in the other two parts of the Brain are off function the individual will not be able to think nor react rationally.    Each part has to be connected with each of the other parts in order for the full mechanism to function completely and what society has coined as Holistically, which means Wholly or Sanely.     

I practice a form of Kinetic Science every morning.  That is the Science of movement.  It has been proven that proper body mechanics during motion will keep the body fluids flowing and the Brain well fed.  This leads to the ability to think and stay rational.  An after effect of daily exercise.  When the body is happy and healthy, and the Brain fluids are flowing properly, thinking becomes easier and the computer of the Brain can kick in and wonderous things may happen.  A trained mind can compute faster than a programed computer.  The mind is ominous.  

This leads me to the question, "Are we just thinking with our Brains or are we thinking with the entire body, and the environment we find ourselves in?"  This becomes a metaphysical question and will be addressed in a future forum.  Until then ask yourself, "Who am I and Where am I housed?"

Peace and Balance,


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