Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Is Putin in Charge?


This morning as I wandered to work I happen to look at the price of heating oil advertised upon the CN Brown's pole.  It is presently $5.79 per gallon.  I am not relishing the idea of having to purchase some of that stuff.  However, my better judgement is telling me to add some more to the tank.  I bought some oil less than a month ago at $4.67 a gallon.  In less than a month that's a hell of a hike, and it's only going up from here.

Russia has stopped the shipping of foods stuff from the Ukraine by causing a blockade of the large seaports in the Black Sea.  No food going out, and people begin starving all over the globe.  Turns out Ukraine is one of the major food basket countries on the planet.  Out of 169 regions world wide that import grains and oils, 139 of them rely on Ukraine.  The story gets bleak.

As of this morning the Russians have started leaking some of the supplies out of the Black Sea.  Russia is weaponizing food.  Using it as a torcher tool on the rest of the world.  Just let enough out to get a dependence started then shut them off.  They have become the Pusher of political Europe. 

It has recently been said that Putin is an Old School Communist.  Mr. Putin is not a Communist, Mr. Putin is an old fashioned down to earth Fascist.  He wants to rule Russia, and the rest of Europe with an iron fist.  He has been compared to Franco of Spain.  Has Russia become a Francoist regime?  It seems so, he has a habit of quietly killing all those who oppose his idealism.  

Some of Russia's best Generals are no longer speaking.  They have followers, small armies at their disposal.  They may not be trained very well, but I'd bet if push comes to shove they'd wage war with the Kremlin just to oust Her Putin.  Or, an assassin could be sent.  The old school killer type that only Putin can understand as that's his old business.  

Are the world governments going to let this sort of thing happen again, or have we had enough?  If NATO got involved fully in a war with Russia, she would have 25 minutes to live.

Peace and Balance,


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