Wednesday, November 9, 2022


 I woke this morning to a fairly positive and quiet political spectrum, which overall is a good thing.  Then I started looking at the newly or incumbently elected delegates, and a terrible thought crept into my frontal lobes, "I'm now older than most of the people we've newly elected."  Damn.

I hobbled up the stairs to my top floor and wandered into the bathroom, a place of personal contemplation and resignation, and stared at myself in the mirror.  "Who the Hell are you?" was the thought going through my mind as I gazed upon my reflection.  "You look a little like your grandfather, and a little like your mother with the need to shave, but I don't recognize you any more."  Geeez

As with most American indigenous types, I still have my hair and prefer to keep it on the long side.  After all flowing locks keep the masses disquieted and nervous.  However, the locks aren't the almost black sheen they once were.  As a matter of fact, the color shining back at me from the opposite side of the reflecting thing is silver/gray.  Not a bad color mind you, but one that indicates there has been a time portal type change happening in my presence for a number of years that I've been ignoring.  I've gotten old. 

Now to put a reality spin here, I'm in the business of ignoring such things as age and time.  I teach people how to stay relatively healthy and happy in the greater spectrum of things, and keep up a fairly good appearance of such.  Although due to this annoying addiction I have to my taste buds and my thyroids insistence that it take a vacation, I am a little larger than the normal cat, but hey what can I say.  People don't bother me with such things.

Now I am in the process of re-working the self within myself.  I am recreating the who I used to be into the person I now am.  I am, that I am.  HO.  

So, if you ever look into a mirror and don't recognize that fiend staring back at you follow Jerry Garcia's advice: "If you see the Buddha on the road, Kill Him."  

Peace and Balance,



  1. The Budda? I resemble that guy.

    1. Any resemblance to persons truth or fictional is purely coincidental. heh heh 80)