Sunday, November 6, 2022

Wi and Han Wi

 A long time ago the warrior Anpao was in love with the maiden Wi.  He tried many things to gain her attention and favor.  Anpao would hunt and bring her the finest deer hides.  He would create the most elaborate tipi's with the best buffalo hides.  He would bring her the finest horses.  Anpao did everything he could think of to get her attention.  

Wi had eyes for another.  She was always looking out for Anpetu, the sun warrior.  She would watch for his arrival and on his approach would run and hide.  Wi was afraid of Anpetu's brightness. His glare blinded her.  

Anpao was jealous and created a terrible idea.  He traveled to Anpetu's tipi to do battle with what he thought were the Gnasty's that lived there.  Anpao found himself in a perpetual battle with the monsters from the sun.  

Each morning Anpetu would make his approach, and Wi would run and hide.  And every night Anpetu would sleep and Wi would gaze upon him as he slept.  But, when the warrior Anpao made is presence known thru Anpetu, Wi found herself gazing out at a reflection waiting for Anpetu.  What came instead was the conflict Between Anpetu and Anpao.  The monsters of the sun were dancing.  Because of this conflict once every month Wi can gaze upon Anpetu and Anpetu can share space with Wi.  Anpao sleeps. 

During this time Wi and Han Wi share the skies.  The sun and the moon can be seen dancing together while the Darkness and the Light battle for conquest of the monsters of the sun.  Who never appear.  

Peace and Balance,


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