Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Blank Page


Sometimes you sit in front of your laptop, and or typewriter, I'm old enough to remember those things, and stare at a blank page for what seems to be an eternity.  No words come, no thoughts formed, nothing happens that gives you that first jolt of inspiration to complete a sentence.  The page remains blank and mocks you as if it were a self important know it all that has your number.

For a brief moment your mind goes into disrepair and a mild panic sets in.  "Is this it, is that all there is?" You think, "Have I wrote my last quip, am I tapped out?"  All these thoughts for a writer are terrifying.  The blank page represents a beginning, it's not supposed to be an ending, yet there it is staring back at you with that smugness that is so, so repulsive.

I will rise from my chair at this point and retreat to my personal council, the coffee maker.  I will plop in a pod, yes I've graduated to the great Keurig gods in the sky for my holy bean, convenience and accessibility are the name of that game, and I will ponder the holy drink and smell it's aroma, and taste the bitter taste of the adult.  Clear headed I will return to the page.

Nothing happens, it is still blank.  The coffee gods have failed me.  Time for the greater inspiration of the Outdoor excursion, a walk in the yard is always good for inspirational fuel.  

Nothing, Damn.  So I stare, and stare, and stare, and...snore.  It seems looking at a blank page long enough causes the brain to go into shut down mode and sleep.  I reanimate and take a sip of my now cold coffee.  Not as satisfying, but still holy.  

I look at the clock, my brain says, "Look man, you've got to get up in the morning to do the "work thing", maybe you should go to bed and think about this in the morning."  I complied.  Hence no blog yesterday.

In the AM, after I do my morning stuff, which includes more of the holy bean, I eventually find myself sitting behind the tapping keys of my laptop.  Suddenly out of the myst comes my inspiration and I laugh out loud at the absurdity of my surrendering and begin typing, "Sometimes you sit in front of your laptop and or typewriter...and stare at a blank page for an eternity..."

Peace and Balance,


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