Friday, November 18, 2022

The Book of The Hopi


In 1963, Frank Waters wrote a book of prophesy and history called, "The Book Of The Hopi."  The book eludes to the rise and fall of past times when men had control of technologies that we haven't grasped yet today.  It leads the reader down a complex abstract narrative that the uninitiated could perceive as being mythological in nature, but then reveals that the information within the book was held as a sacred secret by the Hopi Elders until the proper time comes about to reveal the message to the world.  Apparently the early sixties was the right time.

Tokpela: The First World.  Speaks of He the Infinite creating Sotukang, the nine universal kingdoms.  The Infinite, Taiowa the Creator, and the seven realms for life to come. Now here's where is get's a little funky. It talks of seven vibratory axis around the Earth's center pole to pole all resounding, or sounding at once.  The major Ley lines of the Earth all vibrating at the same time.  

This is when Spider Woman gathered the four colors from the earth and began creating humankind.  She made them in the image of Sotukang, and created four female partners for four male beings.  Who understood the Earth as a living entity just like themselves.  

The Nature of Man:  Of the first Man it was spoken, "Although he had human parents, his first parents are the universal Entities that created him through them from his mother the Earth, and his father the Sun." A solar god that gives all life to the universe.  Ok, we're not talking about  the sun in the sky, but the center of our universe, the center of the Galaxy.  So our mother the Earth is not the consort of our sun, but the consort of the Greater Sun in the Center of all Things. hmmm. Then there was one created apart from the rest, a Man of Knowledge who would be the first Medicine man. 

Tuwaqachi: The Fourth World.  We've skipped ahead a couple worlds, but from out of the third world came a man who made claims to the fourth world, "I am the caretaker, the guardian and protector of this land." The people recognized him as Masaw the appointed caretaker of the third world who was cast out due to his lack of humility and his apparent self importance.  Sound like a familiar story?  

The Legends:  The first of these legends is the Path of the Heart, also called the Road of Life, or the Red Road.  This is the road we follow seeking good in life, and work on becoming a better being.  To know thyself. 

Second Legend: The planting of the magic jar which brings waters to the desert.  This is the story about the Water Witches, or Dowsers of common legend.  The people who find the water and other things needed by the people. 

Third Legend: Transference of Power.  "Old Wu'ya was a man of pure heart.  His time was spent in healing the people, taking care of the children, and teaching warriors how to be men. Upon his death in the place he was buried, a great spruce grew from which the people used his wood in their ceremonies and to make the sacred pipe."

Fourth Legend:  The birth of the Katchina, from which the people learned to read the Omens, and signs of things to come from the spirits of the Earth by offering tokens and gifts to show respect to the Earth our Mother and our Elders who have come before us.  

Fifth Legend: Talking Deer the Sacred Clown was given to the people to teach us of our own folly and to learn the lessons of the self so that we may grow beyond ourselves. 

The Mystery Plays On:  These are the actions of the Sorcerers, the Seers, the Men of Knowledge.  This is the time of great shock, from the beginning to beyond. The first world to the fourth world and beyond. The Sorcerers are those who play out what will come and what has been.  "As it was in the beginning so it shall be at the end."  HO.

Peace and Balance,


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