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Originally the Toltec were a pre Columbian/ Mesoamerican culture that ruled an area centered in Tula, Hidalgo, and Mexico during pre classic and post classic  period of Central American Culture from about 950 to 1150 BCE.  The Toltec spoke an ancient form of the Nahuatl language that was in a period of changing at the time.  Influences of other peoples moving into the regions were changing and altering the language of the Toltec.  At the same time the Toltec were influencing and changing the cultures of the immigrants to their lands. 

The Toltec greatly influenced the cultures of both the Aztec and Mayan societies.  The Toltec militarily absorbed the Maya and in doing so created the great city of Chichen Itza, with architectural design that even today modern man has difficulties fathoming.  The Maya looked upon the Toltec with great reverence and respect.  In the language that developed from a Blend of Maya and Hahuatl the word Toltec became the word Mayan culture used for Sorcerer.  As time progressed the Great Aztec Empire evolved from the Toltec, Mayan, and Aztec cultures that all seemed to blend together and became known by the name of the majority, the Aztecas.   In the Aztec language that evolved from a blending of the other two plus the Aztecan speech, the word Toltec became the word Aztec would use for Artisan, or Creator.  

As time progressed and the Central American Culture became predominantly known as the Aztec Empire, the Toltec became part of the mythology of Central America.  The Toltec had become the Sorcerers, the Seers, those that spoke to the gods, the Wazi, Great Wizards.  Aztec priests became known as Toltec.  

This absorption into Culture by the Toltec could be due to their abilities to predict or foresee what was becoming of their own peoples.  Their populations was diminishing and in order to maintain ancient technologies and secret knowing's a decision was made, "If you can't beat them, join them." So they shared their knowledge with each following culture that would absorb or be absorbed by them.  This is the question, who did the absorbing?  

In the modern world there are many societies that lay claim to the title, "Toltec."  Brought into popularity in the late 60's and early 70's by the author, Carlos Castaneda, Toltec became a term for, "A man of Knowledge."  Almost a direct reflection of the blended Mayan and Aztecan languages.  

What then is, "A Man of Knowledge?"  We could be literal with with the words and take it as read, a person that knows stuff.  But, that sort of goes, Nowhere quick.  "A Man of Knowledge," then becomes someone who walks outside the standard path of normal society.  He/she is a person who gains their living information through the observation of things most can not see.  Reflecting on the relationship to that knowledge with the majority vs. the minority.  After much watching, listening, and reflecting the knowledge comes to the observer who can then decide to share or not the knowledge observed or experienced.  In that way the Toltec are indeed the Sorcerers, the seers of modern society.

To become, "A Man of Knowledge" is to take a step away from the fears that bind us to the normal and the restrains of the majority.  We separate ourselves from the easily traveled path to the difficult path of enlightenment and awaken the Us inside the We.  We experience the Death of Ego and free from Karma, to borrow a term from the Hindu.  We become the Shaman.

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