Saturday, November 26, 2022

Kings of Jerusalem


Baldwin IV the Great King of Jerusalem had a Great Enemy, and Great Friend in Saladin the King of Syria.  It was agreed that Jerusalem would be a place of worship for both Muslim, and Christian during this the last Crusade.  Baldwin had a personal army in the Order of Saint Lazarus, a military order of priest knights that are often confused with Templars.  These holy knights took an oath only to the King of Jerusalem himself.  They were the army of Jerusalem.  

Yusuf ibn Ayyub ibn Shadi known as Great Saladin, was the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty, was a Kurdish King and the first Sultan of both Egypt and Syria.  During his reign it can be said that he commanded the greatest army in the known world.  

Saladin lived under the impression that he was working through and for the hand of Allah.  He eventually attacked and took Jerusalem back from the Romanized Catholics after the death of Baldwin.  His intent was to cleanse Jerusalem of the evil that had taken hold of the city, not to conquer a city in his name.  But to protect it's people in the name of Allah.  He was upholding Baldwin of Jerusalem's wishes.  

Like Baldwin, Saladin had enemies within his own camp, he was quicker to respond and quelch any rebellion that would rise against him before it was started.  It can also be stated that he had a larger force of followers.  It seems Christianity from it's inception always had political difficulties from within it's own state.  A malady that would make holding onto Jerusalem eventually impossible.  

Saladin, and Baldwin were Great friends, Brothers of Spirit, and Great Enemies and at the end of Baldwin the Lepers life, the Great Saladin stepped in to uphold his Brother's final wishes, to protect Jerusalem for the people.  

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