Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Power of Silence.


In 1964 Simon and Garfunkel recorded a song that went multiple platinum, "The Sound of Silence."  The words of that song are haunting, and just a tad prophetic.  In a dystopian society where making music, sounds, where you cannot communicate for fear of breaking the ever present Silence, the God of that society may speak of what is happening in our modern world.   Are we heading toward a world of quiet disturbances, where nothing penetrates the mind of man, where that penetration would create an unquietness that would resemble insanity.  Are we becoming Disquieted?

The Power of Silence is unquestionable.  Do you remember moments where a parent or guardian would suddenly look at you over the top of horn rimmed glasses.  Not speaking, barely breathing, nothing moving, but you know exactly what was being suggested, shared, and or communicated in your direction.  That power is ominous.  There is nothing greater in our universe than a parent gazing at a child in contemplation.  The child is frozen in place like a deer caught in a Buicks headlights.  

In deep space there are occasional explosions of powers that we have never actually heard only magnetically measured or felt.  Hugh sounds so loud that they can only be felt, or at such distances that  energies are only travelling and leaving a physical presence, but never heard.  These are the sounds of silence.  Just before a Super Nova, the magnetic field of the addressing star stops, there are no noises coming from that region of space, for just brief moment, then, "Boom" the power emanating from that center is so great all molecular motions stop for a brief space that moves faster than we can measure, light, time.  These too are the sounds of silence.

Grandparents have that power, looking over the spectacles to also freeze grandchildren in there gaze like so many deer.  This is where the parents learned this skill.  It is every parent's obligation to eventually share this secret with their children.  

In a quiet distance a shuffle of power is moving at speeds not comprehensive to the average observer.  The wave is the stuff of creation.  It is Shiva, the Creator, the Destroyer moving unemotionally outwardly from it's center to act.  The Power, the Sound of Silence,

Peace and Balance,


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