Friday, November 25, 2022

Tryptophan Hangover

 As a rule, I don't drink.  Not that I'm not against having a frothy adult beverage socially, however through the wisdom that comes with age and some past experiences where universal forces have taken over and spun me in directions that aren't altogether happy, I am what we can classically coin as a Coffee Totaler.  

That being said, there is a ramification to the over indulgence in a full course Turkey dinner.  That force started early this morning as I began waking.  It made me reclose my eyes and go back to sleep in hopes I was just having a bad dream.  I woke a little later, it wasn't a dream.  My head was pounding, my eyes were teary, I had that whooshing sound in my ears that made it hard to concentrate, I was in the throws of a full blown Turkey Hang Over.  

I saw in the morning ABC news that claims it isn't the Tryptophan in the Dead Bird that gives us the sleepies, and or other symptoms of self indulgence, it's the eating to much thing that creates the agony, the pain.  I disagree.

The pain in my brain feels very much like a chemical implosion.   It sits with the memory of past badness's I've experienced in the past due to other types of to much.  But no, it is the Food.  So I looked it up and I found out that Tryptophan is used to calm the aggressive behavior of quarrelsome individuals.  It is used in conjunction with certain antipsychotics to calm the behavior of rowdy psych patience.  It makes the individual sleepy and less aggressive.  hmmm. 

Ok, the ABC news people are smart, they research, they understand things, but why and how did they pass this one up.  It didn't take me more that one search to find the information.  Is there a Thanksgiving conspiracy in the works?  Are the majority using this kind of meal as a way to manipulate the masses?  No, it couldn't be.  

Although I really don't believe that, my brain hurts.  So, I've taken an Excedrin Migraine pill and turned the lights down low.  Maybe the meal will pass.  

Peace and Balance,



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    1. That's true. The meal itself left me with the lingering yucks. The hardest thing I had to drink this year ended with Nog.