Thursday, November 24, 2022

The After Party.

We indulge, we share stories, we make up lies, and musically share them at the table.  Children giggle, and old men holler, "Someone stop that dog!" Then a rule about dropping a piece of bird on the floor is made up.  How many seconds was that again?  

Like a Roman army food is ate, and ate again in hopes that there will be a second piece of pumpkin pie.  On the screen, big in some houses not so big in others, the national game is playing to the occasional hoots and hollers of fans pandering from the arms of couches all over the country.  The only disturbances to these subtle peace's are the occasional snores of sleeping grandfathers and chuckles of grandmothers.  "Score." is heard on the distance, "I have five bucks on that game." Then the wind blows in silence.  

Later, after a third piece of pie, an old Doris Day movie can be watched on TCM.  Laughter, and music followed by children crying about going to bed, "There's no school tomorrow, Mom."  

Finely she says, "I said to bed!"  The final word.

Finely the dishes are put up, the food is wrapped, and one last piece of pie. The evening is yawning, and the tired comes.  

I hope all Had a good, good day.

Peace and Balance,


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