Monday, November 14, 2022

The Man Bat


Imagine walking the dark streets of Gotham minding your own business taking in the sights, smelling the smells, and hearing the music of the city.  When a criminal type, the "Bad Guy" swoops down on you and sticks a gun in your face and asks you, "Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?"  You have just met the Joker himself.  Prepare to die for this is the question he askes just before dispatching his victims. His look is of a painted faced mad man who's perpetual grin makes him look like a living porcelain clown.  

Now imagine, if you will, just before the Joker can pull the trigger of his extremely long barreled gun, another Darker character appears out of the fog.  Dressed all in black leather, cowl over his face, The new character tears the gun from Joker's hands and hits him from an impossible positioned side kick directly on his chin lifting him off the ground and throwing him back 29 feet.  Then the new guy turns his head slowly with the grimmest look, stares at you for a minute then says in a gravely, horse voice, "I'm Batman." Then he leaves.  Forgetting the take the Joker with him.

This version of the Batman is insane.  He suffers from the traumatic events of his life, starting with the witnessing of his parents murder, Thomas and Martha Wayne, at the hands of non other than the Joker himself, when he was a mere child of ten, tragic.  Along with his life long mentor and manservant Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne is the richest, smartest, craziest SOB in DC comic history.  

Having no super powers of his own, Bruce has to rely on his intellect, physical prowess, and training, and of course his extreme wealth.  It seems Bruce Wayne is rich enough and smart enough to create the coolest most expensive gadgets to stick into his fanny pack, no make that utility belt.  

Bruce has managed to find a Classic 69 Cadillac to attach fancy wing tips to and beef up that 500 horse engine with an additional jet engine up grade and an endless supply of stinger missiles.  I love that car. 

The Batman comic actually has become DC comics number 1 comic.  The Bat has sold more versions of himself in various shades of dark than any other comic in US history, including Spider Man, but that's a different universe.  Oh well.  

So, Batman left you with The Joker all piled up with a broken face.  Just as Joker starts to figure out he's actually alive and begins to move you feel a slight pressure from above and hear a loud Bang.  The Joker now has a rather large 45 caliber hole in his forehead.  The original version of Batman was an insane vigilante that killed or maimed the Bad Guys rather than turning them into the police.  Gordon was his handler, not his friend, and yes you better hide before he notices that you've seen him do his thing.

"Have you ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light?"

Peace and Balance,


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