Saturday, November 12, 2022

Do you remember?

Memories are a funny thing.  They Come they Go, some stay put and some stay forgotten.  Some of our memories are mundane things, names of people we might have met years ago, addresses, phone numbers, the kinds of things that pop up at random moments during the day that make you go hmmm.  

Some of my memories are of things that don't make rational sense to me.  Makes and models of cars that are out of time, as far as I'm concerned.  Places that I've never physically been, and the big one, people I once knew that I've never actually met.  This can make conversations uncomfortable when you're sitting across the table with one of these people.  

When you look up at a person and into their eyes and suddenly get the pull that people get when recognition is made.  But, there is no name.  Your mind opens up to things, sometimes of ages gone by and occurrences that have happened that may or may not have effected the lives of many, but no name and no direct memory.  All very "Manchurian Candidate" but not as provocative.  

One of the strongest instinctual emotions humans experience is the feeling we all have just before, "Shit" hits the fan.  When sitting across a dinner table or similar experience the best I can compare it to is the moment a Gunfighter pulls out his six shooter, and the other guy has the drop on him with the saw'd off taped under the table top.  Can you hear the whistling song in the background now?   

Programming a computer is much like programming a human brain.  There is the input, and output on the short skript.  Then there is the input, rework and rewrite, the project, and another rewrite upon completion of the project or projects.  Contracts are made, contracts are kept or broken before getting to the non-returnable point, but there is always a rewrite.  

I can't say what was done, or how many things have been worked out.  I can't tell you how many re-writes have been experienced and changed, I can't even tell you from which reality we are reading.  But, I can tell you that we've all experienced one of these moments in a certain from or another.  Some of us are just beginning to wake up to them at this time.  

So, if you suddenly find yourself sitting across the dinner table with an individual that gives you that pull, and you look into the eyes and, "Know" things you don't know.  Run away, some things are best left alone.

Peace and Balance,