Thursday, November 10, 2022

On the Eve of the Day.

 I sometimes have my pensive moments where I just sit and ponder.  

The things I think about are often not the most pleasant memories I can conjure. 

From darker recesses I bring things into the foil

and hope that tears will stay away to further toil

A boiling anger deep down inside

not all of us likes to remember

just to fill another's pride.

I am not one of those that like to shine on this day

I will shake the hands of my brothers if they may,

but I will keep my gaze down and pray.

My memories are not pleasant and they stay.

A veteran I am, and will always be,

And as with many I just as soon let it be

I'll be grateful for my Grandpa and Dad

For them I'll stand and salute the flag.  

Brothers fear not for Wars will never end

And we Veterans will never send

any of you to our memories

of Conflict, Violence, and things best Left Alone.

Peace and Balance,


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