Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Holy Pizza

 Pizza is the fallback dinner of many supper tables all over the world.  A sometimes thick, sometimes thin round bread covered in sauce, cheese and the other things that make a complete hearty meal, Pizza has become one of America's favorite indulgences.  If you want to see your children smile when they ask you what's for supper just say, "Pizza." and you will see sparkling glee fly from their eyes followed by the praises to mom and or dad mixed with Oooo's and Ahhh's and, "Can I have peperoni on mine?"  This short conversation will make you the hero of the household no holds barred.  

I remember when that short fat Chef, "Boyardee created a pizza in a box that you could whip up in short time, top with sauce and cheese, both usually provided to make all mom's and dad's hits in the kitchen.  To this day, since I was one of those children that sang the praises to the little fat Chef, as well as my wife Romona, when we get an urge as was the case today I bring the box O'Pizza home and whip it up in no time.  We both have a soft spot for that short fat Chef.  Boyardee has become a hero.  

I know a blog or two back I promised to cut back on certain amounts of sodium and nitrates, however I sing praise to Chef Boyardee, and promise I didn't over indulge.  Mona was happy, and we each have some for later snack when it cools, another favorite way to enjoy pizza, cold and tasty.  

As in the past so it is in the present and hopefully future children will know the worth and glory of a good Pizza.  In the fufure Pizza will become a relic and possibly worshipped for it's roundness and close resemblance of an oversized host in Churches all over.  I wonder if Jesus ,would have like a good slice of pie?  He would make it simple, Buddha on the other hand would have one with everything.  

There's a party happening in heaven, Jesus,  the Buddha, Moses, and Mohammad all celebrating the end of Ramadan together with the perfect heavenly Pizza.  Amen.  

I bow to Chef Boyardee and the creator's and ancestors of Pizza.  There has to be a sacred dance, HO.

Peace and Balance,


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