Saturday, November 18, 2023

No More Filter

 Satire like sarcasm has a way of putting the obvious in the faces of those who try to ignore certain realisms and spend allot of their times with heads either under pillows or neck deep in sand.  Playing ostrich has always been a choice for avoidance of the neurotic and those who believe that they know when no one else does.  This is when neurosis switches to the art of bull shit.  I fully admit that I have hidden my head and tried filling the populated space with a certain amount of BS, however I believe I have grown out of such plagiarisms.   I have finely become an acceptor of my own fate and it's causes.  Thank God.

My profession as well as my chosen free time practices have given me an educated eye and ear and know when an individual is engaging in trying to persuade myself or other's that his/her personal points of view and or knowledge are the only true source of said knowledge. Because of my age, being an American of a respectable age and experience I have officially lost my social filter.  Because I have no more filter I have absolutely no compunction about calling Bull Shit on the self importance of the BSer.  To the chagrin of friends and students, the adults ones, who have found out first hand my lack of decorum, "I apologize."  Kind of..    

For these reasons I have decided it is a wise thing for me to stay way from any candidate or individual representing a candidate that's trying to sell me a package of goods.  I either anger them, embrace them or ruin the day.  Shame on me.  I prefer to listen stoically arms folded, black glasses on.  I would make a darn good security presence.  Not because I'm 6'1" tall and weigh 260 pounds, but rather the fact that I know how to do the Majickal stare that all security dudes should know.   It's part of my training.  The art of the snake is to get in their heads first.  That's also the stare that my friends that are professional wrestlers and part of AJ's crew learn to intimidate each other and the, "Bad Guys."  Of course, we're all bad guys in certain respects.  That's the Show.  

If I write it, it becomes satire, if I speak it, then it is sarcasm.  And it's all satirical until my size 12 is in view.  So, just like the Ring dancers of old, Never ever take yourself to seriously and realize as soon as you've walked into that ring, you've already won the match.

Peace and Balance,


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