Saturday, November 4, 2023

A Borrowed True Story.

 The cuisine of Southern India is rich and flavorful, and has sustained a culture of many for a multitude of happy generations.  The Food is Good.

Gautama Siddhartha chose the path of a Siddha and wondered in silence purposefully not thinking of food or other primal distractions that might cross his path.  As it is with holy men of that practice he consisted on the generosity and good nature of people that would have pity on him and bring him bowls of rice and vegetables during his travels.  He would sleep under the stars and the comfort of the jungle trees that are plentiful in that part of the world.  

One November evening Gautama came across a  grand Bodhi tree standing in front of a long wall.  He sat in front of the tree facing the wall and began meditating.  He first pondered the Wall, then he thought about the Tree, then he eventually examined his existence and the nature of his suffering.  While he sat and meditated under that tree in front of that wall he eventually began collecting a few followers as it happens in India people will gather around a meditating man hoping to absorb some of his Goodness.

Gautama sat in front of that wall under that tree meditating for nine years.  Because he only subsisted on the good nature of the those that gathered around him he became a bag of bones.  He did not think about food or any other primal urges people fall into.  Instead he was true to his silence and The Way.  He was a stubborn man and refused to let go.  He clung to his purpose with all of his spirit and continued his meditations.  He found answers to his suffering.  More followers gathered.  

Gautama sat and meditated for nine years and was surrounded by the Bliss of the universe and Enlightenment lay upon him.  He turned to face the open field and his followers knew that he had attained enlightenment and had become the awoke one by the glow that surrounded his countenance, the radiance that shone from his eyes.  His followers began anticipating great words of wisdom coming from The Buddha.

Upon opening his eyes the Buddha laid his gaze upon those that sat at his feet.  He knew in an instant what was expected of him, he knew what they wanted, what was in their deepest of hearts.  He smiled inwardly and began chuckling.

The Buddha smiled a big gleeful grin and the first words he had spoken in nine years on the moment of his enlightenment were, "I'm Hungry, does anybody feel like eating?"   To the disappointment of his followers, true enlightenment is very practical.

Peace and Balance,