Thursday, November 2, 2023

Doting Over Students.


There is a certain joy that comes with finding out your practice and or research is actually heading in the correct direction.  What I practice and teach is a method for folks to connect with themselves and their personal environments.  It takes an amalgamation of practice, concentration, imagination, and willingness.  

The scientist in me keeps me researching for new methods and techniques of study.  Recently I have discovered that some of the senior colleagues of my chosen practice agree with my methods and use of my practice as a tool to reach folks on an interpersonal, psychological, and physiological level.  One of these senior collogues is a highly regarded neuropsychologist.  His agreement with our methods have placed my students and I on a new level in regards to the world of QiGong and Taiji Quan.  I am proud of the people I share with every week.  Good job gang, I feel like a doting Grand Dad.  

Lets keep up the good work and create the universe as we go...

Peace and Balance,


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