Friday, November 10, 2023

So It Is Written, So It Is Spoken.

 We were one short for our Sacred Coffee Friday musings which means the eldest of us and possibly the most level headed and saner of The Three left the Two Heyokas, "Clowns" to deliberate and ponder the meaning of the universe.  What The Two Heyoka's discovered is that the B movie, "The Attack Of The Killer Tomato's." has within it a secret that could solve the problems in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine.  In the movie the Jewish population combined with the Palestinian population creating the HeRab confederation who within their primary doctrine is written that one of the most important universal precepts is the search for the Tall Blonde with a Perfect Tush.   So it is written so it is spoken.  The marriage between the Arab and Jewish communities world wide would seek out the above asset while protecting the world from Killer Tomato's.  Ed Wood would be proud.  

This is what happens when the rational mind of The Three isn't present to think through the words of the two brother Heyokas.  Although abstaining from the troublesome Nitrates of past weeks will keep The Three Healthier.  

The second conversation of the evening had to do with Never taking yourself to seriously.  As Never happens with The Three.  Sacred Clowns all.  May the universe flourish with the Joy of creation. "So it is written, So it is spoken."

Peace and Balance,


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