Saturday, November 25, 2023

The People and 500 years for 500 Nations.

 Many, many Moons ago a new people came to the shores of Turtle Island.  In the North The People could understand the speak of the new people as the languages were almost the same. The People of the North of Turtle Island thought the new people might be insane because they spoke backwards.  Their language was spoken in reverse and was hard to follow.  It took much time for the Elders to understand the new people's speak, but they eventually did and trade began.  

In the South The People feared the new people because the new people began telling The People that they were the Old Gods and should be respected as Such.  The People began resisting and there was war.  

On the middle shore The People at first did not understand what they were seeing.  Floating cities appeared on the horizon of the Big Water, and in these cities was a population of new people that did not know the ways of life on Turtle Island and had to be taught in order to survive.  These new people did have members of The People with them and were reunited with family long gone.  Then the Troubled Times began. 

On the opposite shores of Turtle Island a new people arrived that  was much like The People that lived on those shores.  These new people were seeking refuge and wished to be hidden.  Then arrived the hunters of men who were seeking a holy man from far away claiming he had murdered an Eastern Prince. 

On every shore of Turtle Island a new people arrived and on every shore chaos soon followed.  The People found it necessary to protect family and friends the long wars began. 

Every group of new people that came to Turtle Island and began trading, communicating, and learning from The People had a trait they all shared.  In time they all began claiming the land as their own.  They all said that, a "God" was giving it to them.  They all began taking what was The People's and not theirs.  Even The People Themselves became a claimed thing.  The People began to disappear. 

The beginning of this occupation began 500 years ago, and to this day the pains of The People are still felt world wide.  

The New Order on Turtle Island just celebrated it's Holiday of Thanksgiving, and should respect The People for the gift of the knowledge of survival without which there would be no celebration.   For 500 years the 500 nations have endured, now The People and the new people are ONE People.  The Sacred Wheel is of all races of man and Turtle Island is our beginning.  

For all races of man and woman that live on Turtle Island Celebrate the ending of Native American Month with respect, pride, and the Joy of being Human for there is light in the distance.  

Peace and Balance,


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