Friday, September 30, 2022

Once upon a Time.

 We all work from schedules.  There are times to be here, and times to be there, and times to stay put.  We all have a time to be someplace.  That is the way of things, that is how it fits into a sense of order.  If this order wasn't present there would be no sense of passing time.  Everything would just be now and we'd never get anywhere from here.  As the ancient Maine-iac sage once said, "You can't get there from here."

When you live in the universe that I live in your sense of time is rather fluid.  I have to write things down into my phone calendar so I won't forget stuff.  My phone calendar is kinda neat as it gives me warnings of things to come before they get here so as I don't forget to be where I am not.  That keeps the embracement down to a low simmer instead of a roaring boil.  In the past I had a very hard time getting to appointments at the right, Time.

People like myself have no sense of passing time.  We go through our day because the sun came up, and the sun goes down.  The in-between space is sleep time.  Then the sun comes up again and it's awake time, and so forth.  I know when to eat because I get hungry, when to sleep because I pass out, and the other stuff happens when it's supposed to happen.  I, and those like me, tend to live from one moment to the next.  There is no time.

Because I live in fluid time my sense of space is also a tad altered.  Space classically is the basic definition of volume, the amount of matter an object holds, or the amount of space an object takes up.  That is how normal folk picture Space.  Time and Space are related, so when your time is wacked out your space tends to be a little wacked out as well.  So I've learned how to deal with space by gauging the amount of time it takes to travel from one place to another, or from one point to another.  This gives me a sense of where I am at any given moment.  Be here Now.

There is a psychological disorder that this condition fits into, but I don't know the name and would rather leave that alone.  Don't need some head shrinker telling me I'm out of my gourd.  Just another term for Space Time.  

I can honestly tell you that I have no idea the when's or the where's of things.  Without my calendar and a reference point I am lost.  Therefore when I say to you that I remember things from 200 years ago, to me that was just now, and so on.  I am not alone here.  There are other's like me.  The stories have followed us for generations.  You call us immortal.  I just say, "I Am."

Peace and Balance,


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