Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Whole Truth and Nothin But the Truth

 This blog entry comes complete with a disclaimer.  Within it you will read some uncharacteristic language. That is I will be swearing a bit more than I already do.  If reading these kinds of words injures your ears and bruises your sensibilities stop here and wait till the next one.  If not, well then read on and enjoy...

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know that I am a martial artist.  I practice all sorts of physical ways to engage and disengage the human body from the human experience.  One of our unspoken mottos at, "The School Of The Silent Warrior," is to not fall into the trapping of Bull Shit.  That is the phony story telling of the Mac Dojo types that would make you believe and or think things are happening within their walls that sound magical.   The beginnings of the Bull Shit I am referring to.  

I do a lot of research on other styles and practitioners of the energy game.  I watch videos on the all seeing YouTube, of these mystical masters of the arts doing things that seem impossible.  You to can whiteness the goings on.  You'll see masters of the arts waving hands around causing students to loose their footing and fall all over themselves without being touched by the master, he just uses his, "Qi".  This all looks fantastic.  The doer of the deed has supernatural abilities and his students fall all over themselves with no control over their own physical selves.  This is all Bull Shit.  

For instance, I've been practicing and teaching Taiji Quan for over 40 years and have yet to intentionally cause my students to fly across the room by means of a magical energy.  Instead we at the School Of The Silent Warrior, practice and don't let the thing happen unless it actually happens.  I am fortunate to have two very loyal students who have been hanging around for most of 30 years.  Neither one of them is going to placate my ego by letting me Bull Shit myself into believing something has happened when it hasn't.  Tim and Adam are my testing ground.  I test these theories on them, if it works we keep the information and let it grow with us, if it doesn't work we let the energy go back into the void from which it came.  The stuff of Sung.  

I watched a so called Qi Master take on a challenge from a Jiujitsu Master.  Before the match the Qi Master worked with a group of his students waving his arms around while his students seemingly couldn't control themselves.  They flew around flopping on the ground unable to approach the Qi Master.  This is an example of a group of students so wanting to believe in a masters abilities that they will unconsciously do anything to make the master look good.  The side effect, a Deluded Qi Master who believes his own Bull Shit.  A dangerous place to be. 

The Jiujitsu Master was very quiet standing in an opposite corner waiting.  After all the paper work was completed and waivers signed the Jiujitsu Master removed his Hakama and waited in the center of the ring in what looked like a regular Karate Gi.  The Qi Master approached waving his hands around. As soon as they got within a certain distance of each other a whistle blew the beginning of the match.  The Qi Master tried getting close, but the Jiujitsu Master just waited.  When the Qi Master got close enough the Jiujitsu Master rotated and delivered a round kick to his opponents head so hard that the Qi Master hit the floor hard and stayed down.  The ring Doctor had the Qi Master removed from the ring on a litter. and stretcher. The Qi Master was defeated by his own delusions. He had walked headlong into the trap and believed things he should have known better. 

The things of the mind that get loose often infect the minds of the practitioner before it infects the minds of the observer.  Don't fall into the trap. 

We all try to reach Jedi heights.  Few rarely get there. The ones who do are not fooled by disquieted minds...

Peace and Balance,



  1. I remember that educational exchange. Sometimes one learns an advanced lesson "boot to the head."

    1. An advanced lesson it is. How many have we known that fall into that trap?