Tuesday, September 13, 2022

What's in a Name


As you can tell by my little Buddha persona, I'm not strictly a Christian.  Nor, am I strictly a Buddhist, or Taoist, or Jew, or Muslim, I am an everything.  I am a Native American who practices his cultures belief structure, I am also an Irish American that plays with rocks, and I am a teacher who is a consummate student.  I believe a spiritual person is a learned person.  A learned person passes on their knowledge to those who are seeking the enlightenment of the learning.  A man or person of knowledge.  

I have occasionally been the victim of nontolerant folk who believe that their way is the only way and if you don't prescribe to their particular belief system, Boo.  I have been threatened with Damnation, various levels of purgatory, and the possibility of paying penance for a millennium.  Hey why not, I'm willing to help seekers find enlightenment, the passage of time has no effect on my spirit.  

A question pops up when I think about differing belief structures, "Who is this God fellow anyways?"

That seems to be a prevailing question with individuals that are on paths that lead to many answers, not just one.  Who is God, and am I able to ask him questions, and if I ask God questions am I going to get an answer back that I can understand without opening my handy dandy translation book?  

Let's take a look at a popular translation book, "The Holy Bible."  There are three groups of believers that follow the protagonist in this Book, that being, "God".  Those three groups are, in order of appearance are. "The Jewish people," "The Christians," and, "The Muslims".  Each one of which reads and follows that same Book.  Each generation has additions to the Book. There are stories added as the new generation populates an area.  

The people search for answers with each generation and the adding of new people or a new culture with the same story that has only been modified and retold to each succession of believers.  Same story, many languages, different locations, and different times all over the globe with different names for the same deity.  So, who is this God fellow anyways?

Peace and Balance,


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