Saturday, September 17, 2022

Creating Sacred Space


Sometimes we do it intentionally, sometimes we do it accidentally, sometimes it happens by chance, but sacred spaces have been laid down in places all around the globe since the globe was a thing.  Creating a place of power, a sacred space properly is a process that takes time, patience, and a certain amount of focus.  We would not want to create a space full of Chaos and mirth.  This would be a bad thing and unfortunately this happens more times than it should to maintain proper energetic balance.  There are groups of individuals that like to create Chaos and torture the energies of the Earth.  This is not the process I am prescribing to, these are the acts of madmen. 

Sacred Space or Places of Power are areas where human kind  have gathered for millennia to commune with nature and each other in hopes to understand the nature of themselves, the universe and our parts in it.  When like minded individuals gather repeatedly in one area with the intentions of harmonizing and balancing Karmic energies, in themselves and their environments; through the collecting of energies, the Earth responds in kind and will bring to the party the Medicine, the Earth Majick to fill that space that is being called for.  

This process should be done respectfully.  There should be no Ego.  Hubris should be left behind.  Remember the ancient myths, those who suffer the weight of Hubris usually die at the hands of angry gods.  I don't want to die at the hand of angry gods, do you?  Hell no we won't go. 

Creating Sacred Space is relatively easy.  Pick a spot that you feel comfortable in, that makes you happy.  Find a place you can bring friends that will help you share the joy of life and the experience of living and learning from it.  Enjoy your friendship, commune with your friends and share a bit of bread, wine, coffee.  Within this space bring the body, bring the blood, (that's metaphor for you) and bring the story.  The Majick will follow.  The Mother will provide.  The Earth will sing your songs to the stars. Do these things with purpose and intention and you to will enjoy the pleasures of Sacred Space.

Peace and Balance,