Thursday, September 29, 2022



When I was a kid, my father and I would get a kick out of chasing storms.  We would wait them out listening carefully to the wind.  As skies grow dark there are different sounds that reverberate through the atmosphere.  Starting with an inaudible low hum that is felt before it is heard. As the cloud wall builds up the hum becomes a very low, very loud roar.  The sound itself shakes every thing around you and rattles your core.  

After the low impedance sound there begins a high pitched whine that resembles the screaming of an angry mountain lion.  If you've never heard a big cat howl, the sound will terrify you waking something primal within you bringing your inner child to it's knees.  You will cry.

A dark solitary silence follows the roar.  It will grow Black, and all will become eerily quiet.  It will feel like all air is being sucked out of the sky, then the blackness will turn electric green.  In the green behind the black you will see it moving.  The black green wall will be swirling threatening everything around it.  You will then hear it as loud as the scream before with the rumble of the low.  The rumble of an endless freight train.   Because it's dark you won't see what is happening just beyond the swirling green.  For hundreds of yards to a mile wide nothing is left standing, nothing is breathing, all is gone. 

Then as sudden as it began, the sound just stops.  The air becomes normal, and the rains lift.  Clouds slowly disappear as the sun brightens the skies.  Blue and white appear followed by the song of birds.  In the distance a lone wolf howls and the taste of ozone and static are in the air.  You notice you're jacket is dry.  

The prairie has been wiped clean. Weeds are tumbling, animals begin to crawl, life returns to the desert. High above a solitary Eagle circles and sings.  The storm is over.

My Dad and I used to chase storms when I was a kid.  He was my teacher, I am Heyoka.

Peace and Balance,


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