Friday, September 23, 2022

Pandemic Stress


It has been a rough couple of years.  People everywhere are showing the signs of prolonged stress and burnout.  The powers that be say that the pandemic is over, that we are only suffering from lingering pockets of ik.  That may or may not be, but I still see the effects.  People are still out of work, taking days at a shot off to deal with Covid, and in extreme cases still hospitalizing and or dyeing due to the Corona Virus.  

The biggest change in the human condition is the psychology of the people.  I'm noticing a shorter tolerance level out of the masses than normal.  The tension level is way high and folks are starting to suffer the long term effects of stress.  We collectively have been traumatized by the pandemic.  We have all suffered an impact that will have ramifications for generations to come.

I work in a High School where tolerance levels are supposed to be larger and more poignant.  Instead what I'm seeing after only three weeks back with the students, is that the students can not handle a little pressure to get work done and in on time, that the adults and staff all have symptoms of long term stress similar to that of the end of the school year, and on all fronts, emotional break downs both depressive and aggressive, are happening more and more everyday.  

What then is the solution?  The adult staff are trained on how to approach children that are under these stressors, but since everyone is affected that approach is running into a push me pull you event.  It's hard watching the councilor of a student become the one who needs guidance multiplying the original problem.  Is this what it looks like when society as a whole begins to loose their collective sanity? What do we do?

There are people with the tools to help.  These folks are not in the regular known circles of the many and often sit back in the darker places watching.  These are the modern Shaman.  In today's world there is a shift happening.  More and more human interaction is taking place on Holistic levels.  When this becomes a regular occurrence, the people gathering become the new mystical teachers, the Shaman, the Medicine keeper of ancient wisdoms.  It is only beginning to surface on a whole level.  We have always been there, but the tipping point has finally pivoted and those in pain are beginning to seek out the help.

My solution is to get up very early every morning and perform my Morning Dancing and let my Taiji loose upon the world.  I have a group that has recently called for my lessons, and it is growing.  That is my solution, there are many.  What ever one chooses to use as a valve to let the stresses out should be taken into serious consideration.  What I am noticing is not a positive trend in the people. 

More Holistic practitioners does not mean that the whole of the majority will seek out the help.  Only a few do on a regular basis.  Everything helps.  I'm hoping that the energies shift and start to balance rationality and irrationality.  Yin Yang in all it's outcomes.  

Wuji is chaos.  If Master Wu wakes from his creative dream humanity is doomed.  What will we do?

Peace and Balance,


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