Saturday, September 10, 2022

Something Funny happened on the way to AI


Today was Saturday so of course I was spending my day stocking shelves, arraigning product, and making sure what it says goes here or there is what it is.  This is my life at Walmart.  Fortunately I'm only tortured by Wally Hell on the week ends.  

Today I experienced an almost perfect example of synchronicity.  Before I start I have to explain, that this story is 100 percent true.  I haven't changed the language, nor the experience.  The story is written exactly the way it happened.  You determine the meaning.

After my lunch period from Walmart I clocked back in and started arraigning my cart.  I walked out of the storage room and saw my supervisor setting up an end cap of "Mason Canning Jars".  Now if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know by now that I can be just a tad compulsive.  So, I walked up to the supervisor and asked, very seriously, "Why do they call it Canning when they use Glass Jars?"   There was a small crowed of coworkers standing around and thought the question was humorous.  

The supervisor immediately pulled our her I Phone and pushed the microphone button and spoke into the phone, "Google, Why is it called Canning when you are filling up Glass Mason Jars?"

Google replied almost immediately, "Query: unusual. It's actually called preserving, unless you come from a place with a strange accent."  I Sh*t you not.  

I am originally from Montana and occasionally slip into a Western Drawl, but when I originally moved to New Hampshire I couldn't understand a damn thing any one said to me.  Then I moved up to the Northern reaches of the state to Berlin, where the language is an interesting mix of English, French, and other stuff.  However, the difference between Canning and Preserving is huge.  

As strange as the accents of Northern New England can be, I do believe Google has a sense of humor.  

What's next, John Connor?   (A reference to Terminator)

Peace and Balance,


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