Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Who's Science?

 Mass is the measure of the amount of Matter an object is made up of, in grams.  Matter is the stuff things are made up of that have Mass and occupy space.  Gravity is the force of attraction of one object on another in relation to their respective Masses, and my Weight is Gravity's effect on my physical Mass.  This relationship is responsible for my Volume, which is the amount of space I occupy, and is  contained in me.  Now we are standing before Space.  Each of these elements combined create Space, and Time is the Gravitational relationship between these Elements and Space.  

What then is Physical Science, but the study of all of these Pieces within our Space interwoven within the properties of Gravity?  Science is the empirical study of a question through experimental means that can be repeated and proven or disproven.  

All the ramblings above represent the collage of a lesson given in a 90 minute class to High School Freshman.  Each part of the lesson was examined and re-examined until it was apparent that the students could verbalize their own understanding of the subject matter.  It will have to be re-examined again.  

Young minds can naturally understand and assimilate the Metaphysical in the Physical Science.  Children accept unseen things where adults seal them up in years of self doubt.  Our Science is not their Science.  Which is the correct Science?  

But if we would open our minds and allow ourselves the liberty of youth.  Travel to places our children and grandchildren have resided for generations.  It is said that the truth of the Universe is housed within the mind of a child.  To see the truth is to look through a child's eyes.  

Galileo, Newton, Tesla, and Einstein all had the mind of a child and could see that which we can not.  Is it possible that our Universal Mind is that of a child, that God is an adolescent?  How dare I say? I dare...

Peace and Balance,


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