Friday, September 16, 2022

The Road to Shangri-La

 Many moons ago I chose a path that may seen a little obscure to most.  It is a road that winds and twists around the many obstacles and stones that always find their way to the front of your view.   Navigating the road is part of the joy of traveling this chosen trek.  This is a life journey, one of learning, sharing, and ever changing enlightenment, a road to awakening.

In my journey I try to bring as many along the ride as I can get into the canoe.  This path travels the many media that find ways into our personal environments.  We walk, we swim, we fly, and we dream our ways into what we might or might not call reality.  Reality is a fluid thing.

I have expressed a certain truth to many of the other followers of similar paths.  I say to them, I am in search of immortality, this is only half in jest.  When you wake with memories that don't quite fit into your daily life, nor do they fit into what is classically considered the right sized vessel.  You might decide to take a close look at your experience, you might find that in certain respects you are a lot older than you remember.  This is one of the symptoms of recognizing your own immortality.  Welcome.

In the ancient myth from a multitude of cultures world wide there are stories of people that seem to out live the popular fables of that generation.  The stories of these individuals have lived in our histories from the beginning.  These beings, be they memories, phantoms, ghosts, spirits, or actual living beings are the immortals of our past.  These are our ancient ones, our masters, our guides, and yes some are still with us.

Breaking the news that there are immortals amongst us sounds absolute pathetically nuttier than a fruit cake, but it is true.  How else would we have the mythology and fables that teach us the providence of being good verses evil.  If these beings did not live through our stories neither good nor evil would be a thing and we minor little creatures called human kind would be a race of boring blobs of goo.

So, only half in jest do I preach a path towards attaining ones own immortality.  Leads many to say, "Hey how the hell old is that guy anyways?"

Peace and Balance,


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