Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Messenger

 A summertime sunset set in a tapestry of pinks and blues, hues of gold and white wisp on soft rays of silver.  In the distance a lone eagle soars high just above the pink into the dark blue.  A lonely cry can be heard as she climbs ever higher closer to the sun than any other can go.  

On the floor of the canyon sits a feathered warrior who carries the weight of past sins.  Looking skyward he spies the bird and hears the forlorn cry carried on the wind.  Starting quietly a murmur of a drum builds up until it can be felt more than heard.  Beats from within responding from without, the great heart carries the beat until the Eagle responds and soars by.  

For an instant the Great Eagle and the Warrior meet eye to eye each understanding the other.  The Bird turns sharply and a lone plume floats spiraling to the canyon floor in front of the Warrior.  He screams a tremolo loudly and crisply following the heavenly messenger as she flies West into the unknown.  A tear stains the Warriors cheek as his eyes follow her path.

Sunset of pinks and blues, hues of gold and white wisp traveling on soft rays of silver, and on the canyon floor sits a lone Warrior, waiting, just waiting...

Peace and Balance,


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