Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Let's have a talk.

 People have engaged in a new form of communication.  This communication is stealing the ability to have a verbal conversation away from young folk below the age of 30ish.  A group of Younguns will sit in the same room silently tap, tap, tapping upon this new fangled devise that was not in existence when I was that age, the Cell Phone.

The Cellular phone is a relatively new invention as far as technology goes.  In our living memories we above a certain age can remember a time before there was any technology at all that could communicate across the void with no attachments to any wires.  When I was a teen, I'm not indulging the amount of time spanning that void, but when I was a teen it was not uncommon to find young ladies wrapped up in the coils of telephone receiver wires after a few minutes of deep verbal communication with another teen, or, heaven forbid, a boy.  At least these forms of communication involved using the subtleties of the voice to get the message across to the listener.  Even today, when engaged in a conversation, with the phone part of the Cell Phone, there is a verbal thing happening to pass information with.  Incredible.

Now we return to the Younguns tap, tap, tapping all in one room.  The thing that gets to me is these presumably intelligent beings are tapping to each other.  They are holding whole conversations with each other in the same room, heads down, no eye contact, just the occasional snicker and head nod.  All this while, "Texting" to each other in the same dang room.  Gee wiz.

Ok, I'm a school teacher by trade.  I have worked years at honing my ability to verbally communicate with a certain amount of flair and presents.  Because of the generation I abide in I have the ability to have a rational conversation, verbally, with others of my ilk.  

Somewhere in the 80's or even as early as the 90's, a gentleman named Jobs began systematically destroying the conversational skills of our youth.  Shame, for Shame on him.  

When I was young Apple was either a fruit or a real good record label.  I would have never dreamed what was to come.  I will never be caught off guard in such a nature before.  I am on vigilant watch out for other aliens, like this Job's character, lurking in the fields of our young.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Peace and Balance,


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