Thursday, September 8, 2022

Something New


New things come and go.  New starts, new beginnings, and new endings.  The newness of things gives them an attractive quality, a magnetism.  New things look appealing at the start, and often wear out their welcomes half way through the experience when the individual experiencing the new thing realizes a certain difficulty level.  Then the newness wears off, and it becomes an old thing.  

Old things can become new again when the experiencer has a need for something new, and returns to the original new thing with a fresh outlook.  The more the thing is experienced the more it becomes a regular thing and the experiencer becomes the master of the thing.  

Being a things master practitioner isn't always a positive thing.  It is sometimes the negative thing as the experiencer gets caught in the things wake and is trapped.  This trap can be unescapable.  It becomes a self imposed hell, one of the experiencers own making, a manifest destiny.

Experience new things, with fresh eyes.  Be as positive as the experience with allow you to be. Find solstice in the things itself.  You might just wake up, enlightened. 

Peace and Balance,


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