Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Is it Her storm or His storm?


In 1978 Hurricanes ceased to be named after girls exclusively and became Him-icanes.  Let's explain.  For years at this time of the season large circular storms would wander up the coasts from the south central parts of the Atlantic ocean and collect all sorts of kinetic, electric, and possibly as much as 600 terawatts of Heat energies.  The numbers are astounding.  The weather men of the world put the blame directly on Mother Nature and her sisters.  Therefore we called them Her-icanes.  

Since the beginnings of the collection of weather data man kind has slowly, or not so slowly, campaigned a deliberate deterioration and destruction of the worlds atmosphere.  The build up of CO2 in our skies has began the destruction of our much needed Ozone layer.  If you pay attention every year to the wonderous nation of Australia, the home of the cute cuddly Kawala bear, there are warnings and recommendations about not going out in the sun.  The Ozone layer over Australia has depleted to the point that the radiation contamination from the sun through ultra violet light is so high that people have to avoid the out doors, and when they wander out must wear protective head gear and clothing to match.  Krikee!  

The noxious chemicals we have managed to send into our air are definitely carrying carcinogens and cause cancer.  So, not only does smoking give you lung cancer if you so inclined to such a bad habit, but breathing our so called clean air causes cancer just because we want to stay alive for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time.  Gee Wiz.  

In the southern regions of our world the heat climax over the oceans is rising at an exponential rate feeding the air with all kinds of super juice.  So, the storms are getting bigger, and bigger.  Soon we are going to have what is classically called a Super Storm, and it will no longer be strictly the privy of the science fiction genre.  Let's get our boards waxed and go, man.

Now, we are back to the Him-icane.  It just makes logical sense, why blame all the badness on Mother Nature, after all we caused this problem in the first place.  Therefore a good ole fashioned Him-icane is in order.  Our Hurricanes now carry both male and female names, and oddly enough some in-betweens as well.  

My suggestion for all the Weather Nuts out there.  Stop predicting and start advocating for better habits, and help us give the powers that be a kick in the ass.  They are in charge, and the Oil Companies are giving the orders.  Damnit...

Peace and Balance,



  1. Australia is feeling the effects of man-made climate change. Serves them right for being a huge exporter of coal.