Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Legal Drug Dealers


Yesterday I called the pharmacy in order to refill my thyroid pills.  The Drug part of the store has been closed for the past week due to a sneeky infiltration of Covid that affected the whole back staff.  During that time my doctors office sent a fax instructing the Drug Dude not to fill my pills until I see the doctor, the bastards.  Due to the closure I did not receive the message until I called the pharmacy.  I then began scrambling in order to get my prescription filled as you are not supposed to stop taking thyroid medications.  Again, Bastards!  

The nice lady that answered the phone at the doctors office told me that my doctor, the last time I saw him was a little over a year ago, no longer works there.  As a matter of fact, she had actually never heard of him and had to put me on hold to double check and see if I wasn't jerking her chain.  After a short hold time, she came back on and said that yes I need to make an appointment to get my meds filled.  That way the Triage nurse could write me a script.  I only have one pill left so we're cutting it just a tad short, the Ba... well you know the rest. 

This morning I called again to make sure everything went through ok, as they didn't call back yesterday to confirm.  Again I was made to leave a message on the answering machine of the Triage Nurse.  Grrrr. 

This all in order to get me to make an appointment and have my insurance pay a bill for telling  me stuff that I already know.  I'm in fair to pretty darn good shape for an older gentlemen of a certain age.  The thyroid pill is the only medication I take beside some vitamins and occasional aspirin sort of thing.  My blood pressure is good, my blood sugar is excellent, I don't drink, I don't smoke, the only vise I have is my love for the Holy Bean, Pejuta Sapa, Wakaliapi, (Coffee).  And from what I can discern scientifically, because the picture box in the corner says so, that coffee is actually good for you.  Halleluiah.

So, I have an appointment.  Probably to get blood taken from me, Vampires.  I'll cross my fingers and hope that Triage sends in my script and I can pick up my meds.  I'd hate to think my left leg was going to drop off or something like that due to lack of medication.  Pharma-corp, is an Evil thing.  

Peace and Balance,


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