Monday, August 8, 2022

Water water everywhere and not a drop to Drink.


Water, human beings have a sacred relationship with water.  We were birthed from the Waters, we are nurtured by the Waters, we are bathed and fed by the Waters.  Without the Waters there would be no life on this planet.  Every thing we are from conception to to death is due to the Waters.  I am capitalizing the word Waters and making them plural intentionally to make a point, and pay homage to the Spirit of the Water's.  In the past I've had conversations about the blood of the Mother, the Earth with those who equate the blood of the Earth to the oil that we misuse from the Earth.  This is not the blood of the Earth.  The Blood of the Earth are the Waters of the Mother.  Ina Mahka, Mother Earth is a being that has Four distinct parts, The Land, The Air, Her Immense molten Heart, and the Water's.  Each of these parts has a Spirit of it's own that combines to become our ever loving Mother.  Each one of these parts has to be conjoined to the other three in order for our Mother to live and to keep we frail Human Beings alive.  The Fires and the Land combine together as the masculine side of the Earth's being, and the Airs and the Waters combine to become the feminine side of the Earth's being.  We, the children of the Earth, have done so much damage to the Waters of the Earth that there has been a measurable change in the way the Surface of the Earth is reacting to the Waters.  We have injected poisons into the Waters that have driven the PH levels of acids and alkalis out of balance enough that we are not able to live on certain parts of the Mother.  The land is becoming incapable of sustaining the lives of all, not just us puny Human Beings.  What is not widely known, because those in the know don't want the majority to know, is that there is an actual measurable swing in the weather that parallels and reflects what's happening with the Waters.   When we poison our Atmospheres we are poisoning our Waters.  The Airs react and the Waters react, then the Lands react.  We are raising the temperatures of our Mother to the point of no going back, there is no Band-Aid big enough to help.  We know how to fix the problem, we just don't have enough time, nor enough recourses to help clean up our mistake.  Eventually over long periods of time because of our failures to  properly care for the surface of our Mother the Earth, the surface of the Lands, the Airs, and the poisoning and destruction of the Waters, will bring our overall temperature closer to that of the internal Heart of the Earth and we will All die.   If we plan on returning to our Mother after our deaths, to re-incarnate our beings, we are either going to have to look for another planet, or incarnate as a being that can live in extreme temperatures, not one of my personal choices...

Peace and Balance,


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