Saturday, August 27, 2022

Our Little Addictions.

 It occurred to me this morning that I think about food allot.  Food is one of those thoughts in my mind that tend to linger and hang out, possibly just for kicks.  I'm one of those kids that is hungry 24/7 regardless of how much I've stuffed down the ole gullet.  Food and me, well you can say we have this, "Carnal" relationship.  

Fortunately I spend much of my time doing activities that are supposed to burn off the calories I've been stuffing into my face.  I rise fairly early in the AM, about 4:00, and begin my morning routine.  This program is pretty aerobic and brings up a moderate sweat.  I can breath and bring up a sweat, and have taught people to do just that.  Heavy breathing and aerobic activity are supposed to be good for burning off excess me.  And lately there has been more of me to spread around.  

Last year at this time I found out that I suffer from Hypothyroidism, that's a fricking mouth full, and probably have had it for most of my life.  My lifestyle was holding off the effects of the disease, I was burning off all those extra cells.  However, that was many years ago and I am now an American man, Of a Certain Age.  That's code for Old Fart.  

It seems that the metabolism changes as we age which effects every part of our physicalness.  I find that I heal a little slower after a self imposed booboo.  I look at certain food sideways and find it resting in my mid section.  When I was professionally active I was fighting Light Heavy at between 176 and 187 pounds.  I now tip the scale at a quarter a millennium and wonder just what the Hell happened?  When did this sneak up on me?  I am now in search of a new wardrobe.  

Some of you will say, "John why don't you just work out harder?"  Trust me kids, I spend allot of time moving.  The rest of my students rely on me to remember stuff, so I have to practice stuff.  I'm sort of a Monk that way, not a good one, just sort of.  

So, I take a pill every day to help regulate my Thyroid, and I move.  But I still eat.  Ah, the shame... One of my Hero's from kidhood is Grandmaster Ed Parker Sr., the founder of American Kenpo Karate. To quote Mr. Parker, "I'm addicted to my taste buds."  He was a big Hawaiian kid.  

So, I to am addicted to my taste buds.  It's always our little addictions that sneak up on us when we become person's of a "Certain Age."

Peace and Balance,