Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Daily Routines

 Human beings are creatures of habit.  We do things in set orders and timings so we can express a simulated control over our own personal environments.  In this way we can exercise a comfortable repour with our own surroundings and personal space.  We pretend to be the masters of our homes and the Kings of our own little countries, or depending on your personality, the gods of our own personal worlds.   

I exercise my own daily routines.  I usually wake early every morning and do the zombie stroll to the counter in my kitchen where sits a holy shrine at which I pay homage to the Coffee Gods.  My zombie self waits as the shrine gurgles and burps and wafts the room with a very satisfying aroma.  At the end of a short period of waiting and praying for a good cup, I partake in the daily practice of ingesting this holy liquid which miraculously pulls my self out of the zombieness that stands before it, I am awake, and I am grateful. 

Routines like this are important for the sanctity of self preservation.  Each one of us has his or her own little sacred routines that we go through on a daily basis keeping order and balance in our personal environment completing the day.  We all tend to repeat these routines on a regular time exchange daily.  This helps us understand the passing of Time as it relates to our personal Space as we travel through the universe we occupy at any given moment.  

During our days other routines occupy our time.  I, after my daily Coffee ritual, do what my wife has playfully dubbed as the Funky Chicken dance.  That is I practice my daily Taijiquan and Gong Fu  Taulo, or what we call Lohan and Morning Dancing.  What Master Tim has coined as Kitchen Kung Fu.  Others do other things, running, lift weights, Yoga, or whatever strikes the fancy of the practitioner.  These are all daily routines.  Lest we insult the other's around us with our odoriferousness, we follow with the other important daily happenings, Shower, shave, and mirror gazing trying to figure out just who the hell is staring back at us from the other side.  Once we have established our own identities we can move on to the rest of the day.  

Every one of us has a set number of these routines we go through day in and day out as we progress through our present livings.  Occasionally we divert and change the order in which we practice our dailies, but that has very little effect on the forward momentum we have carved our for ourselves.  

Does this look familiar to the reader, does this have a smattering of reality?   It should, because for many of us these daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practices, these things that are pushing you ever closer to your God are as close as you'll ever get to the practice of a "Real" religion.   Amen, HO

Peace and Balance,


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