Monday, August 15, 2022

Mowing the Lawn

 A twelve year old boy just loves his tractors and trucks.  He drives them back and forth and around and round for hours and hours.  Then we grow up and leave our tractors and trucks behind.  Such a sad state of affairs when a grown man can't admit to still wanting to play with tractors and trucks. Sad indeed.

It's a wonder that more of us haven't gone into the agricultural pursuits just to get that fix of driving tractors and trucks that we are all so craving.  As we get older our tractors and trucks get bigger and more complicated.  Some of us start venerating companies like, Big Bud, and John Deer.  Other's of us go so far as to deify the companies of our favorite models of Tractors and Trucks thus create the Cults of John Deer and Ford/Chevy who's existence resembles closely the Chinese Yin Yang. I leave it up to the reader to place Ford or Chevy in the proper perspective.  Tractors and Truckers unite, stay young.

Many of us rural boys have the responsibilities of taking care of the yards, lawns, and gardens in which our domiciles are encased.  Some of us have more yard space than others.   We have adapted to gain our Tractor and Truck fix through the use of the Lawn Tractor and the F150 Ford truck to haul stuff and mow the lawns of our extended yards.  I love mowing lawns.

My inner child has been expressing himself through the extension of my very own Lawn Tractor.  My yard has some convenient ups and downs, a little rise and fall which gives riding the tractor that thrill my inner twelve year old boy craves.  Mowing the lawn has become a Zen Garden moment, round and round in patterns of expression and meaning. The movements of the Tractor and Truck, contemplation and meditations remembered from childhood.

Peace and Balance,


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