Thursday, August 11, 2022

Grandma's German Pancakes

One of the great morning creations in my kitchen are pancakes and sausages.  I create pancakes from that crazy rarely used substance called, "Scratch".  With Scratch you can create a multitude of wonderful morning items with which to nourish the body.  I have a tasty list of goodies that I use that magical Scratch stuff to create.  Freshly fried Potatoes and Onions sprinkled with diced Kielbasa, seasoned with Garlick salt, Sweet Basil, Kosher Salt, and Black Pepper.  Yummy.   

Scratch has blessed me with the likes of Toast, Bacon, and yes Eggs.  This is a favorite.  Mona can't eat eggs, she's allergic.  But, hey more for me.  I know some of these Scratchy things sound simplistic, but it's the simplest things in life that mean to most.  

If a good Breakfast becomes to complicated the pleasure of the moment disappears hidden in the complications of the recipe and the taste, and who needs complicated taste?  I'll stick with Scratch any day.  

Here's a recipe for you.  Grandma's German Pancakes.  

Mix up your favorite, From Scratch, pancake mix.  Mix it real thin, the thinner the better.

On a hot griddle spread the batter thin let it sizzle until small bubbles escape.  Flip.  

Cook 30 seconds on other side, add sliced strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. 

Roll up into a tasty log of goodyness.  

Place on plate and top with made from Scratch whip cream and butter, with just a tad bit of Ole Fashioned New Hampshire made Maple Syrup.  

Serve with Hot coffee for the adults or nice warm coco for the kiddies and a side of OJ.  

Enjoy the sugar rush...

Peace and Balance,


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