Saturday, August 20, 2022

Look Ma I can Fly.

 So, I had a flying dream.  Ya know the kind of dream where you're flying through the clouds, arms reached out, enjoying the breeze.  I remember leaving my body and flying straight through my ceiling and out into the great beyond.  That's not where the adventure actually started though.  You see yesterday was Friday.  On Friday's I and two of my bestest Buds get together and have "Sacred Coffee Friday" you might be familiar with this term if you've been reading my posts.  

Now to be honest with you, we are not your average coffee drinking fools.  We have taken the drinking of coffee to a whole new level, hence "Sacred Coffee Fridays".  Sacred Coffee is code for three Magic using Medicine dudes that are all round nice guys that love to talk the Big Talk and make the Big Medicine.  The secret is that In the proper preparation of the Holy Beans.  It is important to get that special wafting aroma going with that ever important heightened vibration that informs us that we are alive.  Yes, the controlled jitters.  That's how you know the medicine or Magic is working.  It vibrates all over the place and added to three focused minds and look out.  

Now I will inform you at this time that other then the Magical drink, no secrets will be passed to the reader.  You have to find them yourselves.  That's the fun part.  

So, I had a flying dream.  I woke up out of bed, so I thought and turned to look back at my own sleeping body.  That's a little creepy by the way.  Then I looked up and away we went through the ceiling and out into the beyond.  I changed the pros to a we instead of a me or I at this point because wandering outside of your body usually is supervised by another part of yourself that should be a heck of a lot smarter and wiser than you are.  That's a relationship you have to develop on your own.  I works to get control of your own ego first.  

I flew through the clouds and dived bombed my own house. It was cool.  I looked around and realized that it wasn't dark and it wasn't light, it was sort of a rosy in-between, pink and golden with hints of blue green.  Like I said, Cool.  

After flying around the valley and playing acrobatics I looked out beyond and found myself floating in space facing a really pretty looking Nebula listening to some quiet music with a voice telling me things that I can't remember, yet.  Like I said, Cool.  Then I woke up. And, I can tell you I feel like a million bucks.  No owies, no booboos, everything was pretty good.  I was vibrating.  Could be the coffee, ya never know.  

So, a low respectful bow to my compadres, Pilamaya ye.  That means thank you.  

Peace and Balance,


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