Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Is the World in a Box?


Occasionally you have a day that prompts questions like, "Is the world in a box?"  I understand that unusual questions more often than not end up with more unusual questions, this is one of those.  I will explain.

Today was the first day of school for the staff of the school system I work for.  We began our day all cram packed in a room that in today's environment could end up in a nasty disease.  All lined up functionally slowly moving along a table top full of so called breakfast sandwiches.  The food was cold and the coffee pot was not functional.  Not a good start to the festivities.  

After acquiring our pretraining treat, we all wagged our tails and sat at our tables.  Small round tables that give the appearance of many factions of Arthurian Lore. In front of us stands the Chief of the schools, the Super Intendent.  A super hero capable of wielding great authority through the clicking of a mouse and verbalizing of a home made video.  There is nothing that can't be accomplished through a good mouse click and a visual story that a group is mandatorily compelled to view.  The power of the Super Intendent. 

Today's video proves that with the correct Jeep and proper driver, one can go anywhere.  Driving up the sides of mountains and along the rims of death dealing valleys.  A good Jeep can travel the Universe.  Which one, well that is a horse of another color?  

All Dorthy had to do was click her heals together three times and say, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."  However, if your driving up Sh**ts creek, "There's no place like a Jeep."  

Dealing the day through a devise that has more information running through it than an Austrian Cheerleading squad,  I found my day crammed into a small square box.  Everything I tried to do was hidden somewhere within that box.  Unfortunately, my box is broken and sitting on a desk in the office of the Box doctor.  That's IT for short.  And it holds everything in IT.  Ya know?

Thoughts passed through my head, into my eyes, out my nostrils, and around the room.  It's a short trip, there aren't to many thoughts residing there.  They are lonely.  I find the modern thought traveling through a box similar to the one I once had.  My mind thinks of Merlin, and super heroes that have unknown powers of detection from the box.  

Is the world in a box?  Is the box another world?  Are there worlds without boxes?  The answer may only be a mouse click away.

Peace and Balance,