Friday, August 12, 2022

Just wait 5 minutes


It's said of the weather in New Hampshire that if you don't like it, just wait five minutes.  The past week has been hot and unhappily sticky.  The humidity level was high enough that I was contemplating carrying a canoe around with me, just in case.  Just in case of what, you ask?  Well one can never be sure.  Who knows if the skies aren't about to open up and throw a deluge of that wet stuff straight into our faces. The implications could turn almost biblical.  The almost is the reason why I was only contemplating a canoe. After all why would I over react?  

Our five minutes have past and I wake this morning to a rather pleasant 60 ish degrees with no humidity. Makes the air all most chilly.  Ah, it's good to be alive.  I gander at the weather reports coming in this summer from all over the globe, and ask myself, "Who doesn't believe in global warming now?"  Idiots...

I recently wrote about the change in weather and I'm thinking things are progressing allot faster than even I foresee.  The human race on this fine and wonderous planet of ours, "Earth" seems to be headlong into committing suicide through slow poison. We are poisoning our environments so completely that the possibilities of a quick cleanup are impossible.  I don't believe there is enough time.  

To my mind there are two solutions to the problem.  The first is that Mother Earth shakes the infection off of her surface and letting her natural immune system take charge and do away with the infection.  Unfortunately we, the Human Beings, are the infection.  That solution doesn't bode well.  

Second solution, and it seems to be on the minds of many these days, a world wide intervention from Alien Beings from a far off place, or space, or whatever.  That intervention hopefully would be a positive one in which the friends from abroad would teach us the errors of our ways and help us evolve beyond the need for poisoning our mother.  Of course an other out come would be possible as well, they want the Earth for themselves, terra form it and enslave us tinny creatures to do their bidding.  This wouldn't bode well.  

So, out of 2 and a half possibilities, 2/3 of it is not boding well for us, and one scenario that sounds more like a fantasy novel that a real possibility.  hmmmm.  

So fellow Humans, tighten up your sphincter and keep your fingers crossed, and hope I'm just a babbling fool..  

Peace and Balance,


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