Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Gong Fu

When I was young I was a big fan of Kwai Chang Cain the protagonist in the series Kung Fu.  I was enthralled with his calm demeanor, positive attitude, and the ability to really kick ass.   David Carradine played the character admirably.  He was a good choice, however the actual idea for the series Kung Fu was a screen play called, "The Warrior," written and pitched to Warner Brothers by Bruce Lee.  The "Warrior" was shelfed and Ed Spielman used it to create the Character Kwai Chang Cain and the Kung Fu francize.  

Bruce Lee actually tried out for the part of Kwai Chang, but was turned down because the producers didn't think the American public would accept his, "Look" and "Accent".  Today that thought process would not pass.  However, between the two actors at that time, David Carradine was a much more seasoned actor, where Bruce was working his way into Superstardom, he still did not have that calming monk like quality that David was able to produce.  Bruce would most likely have been more realistic, but in 1972 the American public wasn't ready for reality.  We were all craving the fantasy and escape our programing could give us due primarily to the Viet Nam crisis.  I often wonder what the series would have been like if Bruce would have gotten the part.  Would we witness Kato as a Shaolin Monk?  We'll never know.  

I began my own journey with the Martial Art's sometime back in the mid to late 60's.  I began my walk with my father, Axel Schmaing and my grandfather father Donald E. Schmaing Sr.  I learned our families form of Aikijitsu and Jiujitsu.  From there I evolved and grew.  That was a long time ago and since then let's just say, I've studied a lot of stuff.  

Today I practice and Teach my own style of Gong Fu that I call TuMo Quen Gong Fu. Which means I work hard at The Art of The Inner Fire through my Vessel.  And Ninpo Chuan Fa.  The Silent Warrior's fist art. Both styles are blended and creations of mine.    I am the creator and founder of, "The School Of The Silent Warrior." here in the United States and am registered as the founder in Beijing China. I also teach my own form of Wu Style Taijiquan as originally taught to me by Leung Shum, Grandmaster of the Ying Jow Pai association in New York.  Master Shum's version of the Wu Style Taiji set I have since changed into my own version of the form.  This is how we change and evolve with our Gong Fu.  It has always been this way.  

My lineage is as follows:  Donald E. Schmaing Sr., Axel A. Schmaing, Eva Pederson, (Schmaing), Daniel Schmaing, Guilmero Lopez, Willy Cahill. Walt Currie, Aaron Web, Steve Kaluza, O'Kuda (Okinawa), Shigeki (Montana Taekwondo), Ralf Castro, Fred Villari, Leung Shum, Poi Chan, Charles E. Boyle.  This is a list of masters that have been my martial mentors and family members.  Like I said, "I've been practicing a long time and a lot of stuff."  With their guidance both martial, and spiritual, influenced by all these great masters, I have created myself again.  

The attached Lohan 4 is an example of one of my creations.  Now, back to our regular programing. Enjoy...

Peace and Balance,


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