Sunday, August 28, 2022

ET, Phone Home?

 In 1982 Hollywood released a fun film about a lost alien, "Thing" that spent most of his time here on Earth with a young man named Elliot, and his family.  Written by Melissa Mathison and directed by Steven Spielberg, ET became the new face of the 80's for alien visitors from outer space.  

Of course the Aliens are visiting the San Fernando Valley in California.  A family of Alien Botanists, the ET group is collecting specimens of the flora growing in Elliot's family back yard late at night.  Poor ET is left behind and wanders the woods until he is discovered by Elliot's clan.  

The little Alien shows some extremely interesting powers by healing, flying, being invisible, and moving real fast for a guy with such short squatty legs.  A little cute, ugly as hell alien.  Ever notice how people tend to gravitate towards ugly kids and call them cute. "Oh, he's so cute." they say, "She's such a cutie."  Is there some sort of small person majick that makes us insist ugly kids are cute?  

ET, is short for Extraterrestrial.  Now, Terrestrial mean a being is from Terra, that's Earth.   I'm just not 100 percent clear about the Extra part.  What does that mean exactly?  Does that mean that the being is an Extra on Terra?  How many Extra's on Earth are there?  Does that mean ET comes from outer space, inner space, same space, just Extra?  Terrestrial sort of implies that the being comes from the terra firme, that's the dry land parts.  What if they come from the water parts, what do you call them?  Extra-aguastrial?  The possibilities are ridiculous.  

In the 80's we had the friendly face of ET to fantasize about alien visitation.  Today, due to the military insistence, our alien fantasies are more malevolent and sometimes come with crocodile skin and pointy teeth.  The outlook of that idea is rather disturbing.  I don't have any need to become dinner for some Space Croc.  

There was an old television series about a race of alien lizards that disguised themselves as humans called, "The Visitors."  These beings would enslave humans and yes, prepare a smorgasbord.  This series is presently going through a revival with some modern twists and turns.  We are still a tasty snack.  Kinda makes me wonder, hmmmm?  

It occurs to me that any race capable of traveling the distances and times in space to get here from there.  That beings with technologies of such magnitude would probably make the malevolent thing mute.  Why would they find us tasty?  Didn't I read someplace that pork is not Kosher?  

ET's family were Botanists, taking samples from a California back yard.  What was growing there?  Is  this the reason the Visitor's had the munchies?  hmmm.

Peace and Balance,



  1. ET was great at turning broken toys and junk into a high tech communication device. I can't make anything more advanced than two cans with some string.