Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Change in Perspective

 As we grow from childhood through adolescence into adulthood how we perceive our environment and our world changes from age to age.  At the beginning when we are small children, the world is a magical place full of wonder and awe.  At each step in our development we encounter stimulus that changes our perception at small intervals.  Some of this influence isn't always warm and fuzzy.  Much of the stimulus and influence  changing our perception is dark and nefarious.  

How we navigate these stops and goes in our lives, both the goodies and the baddies, determines what kind of character we will develop when we finely reach adulthood and crawl out of the larval stage of the Human Being.  When we become our own personal Butterfly.  

Sometimes we have changes after we are adults and have already gone through the mutations of the pupa.  These points, these rare occurrences can often become terrifying.  When the adult is presented with a stimulus that the mind can't wrap itself around there can be a multitude of interesting reactions.  Often times these influences cause or may create a fight or flight response in the receiver of the information.  The character that was created earlier in life determines how and what kind of reaction is created.  

Classically there are one of three responses, the individual will fight automatically to protect itself, the individual will run away to protect itself, or the individual will freeze in place to protect itself.  This happens physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  

There are ways to countermand these responses in our psyche through lots of training and practice, years of practice.  We can turn those responses into positive growth and life lessons.  We can open our eyes, and our minds eyes to get a full picture of what is actually presenting itself and we can see truth.  

It is also possible to use this training to mirror reflect negative influences directly back at the giver turning the control on them.  This can have the effect of scaring the hell out of our opponents.  Because now they are presented with an unknown, a wild card.  

When your world suddenly starts spinning backwards on its axis and a purple haze begins to rise from the mist, look straight at it and through it.  Absorb what you see, program it in your minds eye, let it become part of your being because what does not kill you makes you stronger.  Become the Sorcerer.  

Peace and Balance,


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